Date growers association gives farmers new confidence in Australia's emerging industry...
ABC News
10July 2020

Australia's emerging date industry is one step closer to success following the funding approval for a national body to represent growers across the country to collaborate with researchers and scientists... read more OR listen now to the radio interview (starts from 14mins 35seconds).

Central Australian date farmers determined to fight cheap imports as industry grows for sugar substitutes...
ABC News
28 July 2019

It's like stumbling across the Garden of Eden as you come around the bend after driving through the harsh, dry landscape of large red dunes... read more

VIDEO - Central Dates: Ancient fruit flourishing in the red centre...
ABC Landline
27 July 2019

An ancient fruit is finding a new home in Australia’s harsh red centre. Dates are gaining popularity as a sugar replacement and growers near Alice Springs are keen to tap into that market... watch now

Bumper harvest for Red Centre date farm after making the switch to solar...
ABC News
29 May 2019

A date farm in Central Australia is celebrating a bumper harvest after doubling its previous record — and its workers are putting much of their success down to a switch to solar power... read more

Australia's emerging date industry has high export potential but growers want a representative body...
ABC News
25 October 2018

Australia's date growers are setting sights on the export potential of one of the world's most expensive dates, but are struggling to reach high production volumes... read more

Riverland farmer tackles delicate art of date palm pollination...
ABC News
6 October 2015

A farmer in South Australia's Riverland hopes pollination trials being run on his property could help boost the profitability of Australia's fledgling date industry... read more

New ultra-fertile variety of date palm found in Alice Springs exciting growers...
ABC News
13 May 2015

A new variety of date palm that produces an unusually high amount of pollen has been discovered in Alice Springs, exciting growers of the fruit and garnering international interest... read more

VIDEO - Date Tree - How Australians Grown them in Alice Springs...
Gardening Australia
2 October 2014

This is how Australians Grow Date Fruit Trees in Alice Springs. They grow Varieties like the Medjool, Barhee or honey date and many more... watch now

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