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The Australian Date Growers Association (ADGA) was founded in 2019 by a group of commercial date growers.


& Development

We have a created a special sub-committee dedicated to research and development in all aspects of growing dates in Australia. Our committee will look into topics like fruit setting, pollination, tissue culture trees and so much more. 


& Collaboration

Members, investors and other stakeholders receive notification before the general public regarding any events and other collaboration opportunities as well as first notice of the Annual General Meeting.


Who can join?

help the industry grow...

Our membership is made up of three different categories. We welcome new and established Australian Date growers, Date Fruit Processors, Marketers & Researchers and also welcome to join are hobby and international farmers.

Member benefits...

just to name a few...

First access to resources that would not be otherwise available to the public.
Commercial Date Growers can opt in to have their business advertised in our "Buy Dates" directory.
Access to events with special guests and information.

Become a member!

and enjoy the benefits...

We're looking to grow our member base every day. The more members the more benefits we can offer, and the more support we can create for our industry


Members now have a full section of documents that can be accessed in regards to research and development for pollination, fruit setting and other topics relating to growing and farming dates in Australia.


Want to know more about becoming a sponsor? Click here to contact our chairperson directly.

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